Salaar Vs Dunki: Is Shah Rukh Khan’s film being postponed for THIS reason?


Salaar Vs Dunki is the clash that had the whole industry talking. Trade experts opined on how it was a bad move financially as both films would suffer losses around 30 per cent. Fan clubs of Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas also got into ugly fan wars. While there is no official confirmation, a portal reported that Dunki might get postponed to 2024. It seems some work is remaining on the post production front. The team will manage to release the film only if the deadlines are met. Given how particular Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani are about finishing touches to a film, there could just be a change in decision if there is a delay.

Is Dunki really getting postponed to make way for Salaar’s solo release?

As per a post on the official handle of Lets Cinema, the film might see a postponement. It will be good news for Salaar if that is the case. The month of December is crowded with releases. The big clash is however of Salaar and Dunki. Take a look at the post on X…

Reports suggest, #Dunki might get postponed from December 22nd due to dealyed post-production timelines. Awaiting on official confirmation.

LetsCinema (@letscinema) October 12, 2023

The same thing happened with Jawan in 2023. The team needed more time to complete the VFX, which is why it was moved to September 2023. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan have noticed that Red Chilies VFX is recruiting people. They feel they will meet the deadline at any cost.

Dinosaur coming alone????

Dsouza Ebenezer (@Dsouzaebenezer) October 12, 2023

?? Lets wait for confirmation #Salaar

Aryan (@chinchat09) October 12, 2023

If that happens then it might look for a release in summer 2024. The distributors of Salaar are also going to distribute Animal in theatres of North India. There has been a lot of chatter on who will get how many screens in the North belt of India. Prabhas’ Salaar is getting a big release in the US and many other nations of the world.    

 Salaar Vs Dunki: A couple of entertainment handles on X have posted that Dunki might get postponed due to this reason. But there is no confirmation so far from the official team of the film 

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