“Ruining Your Own Career” — Angry Fans Send Protest Truck Regarding aespa Karina’s Dating News


In light of aespa Karina’s dating news with actor Lee Jae Wook, there has been a multitude of reactions. Some were happy for the star, others decided to leave the fandom. While most fans reacted privately or personally, her Chinese fans have decided to make their feelings public.

On March 4, 2024, it was reported on online communities that trucks were spotted outside the SM Entertainment building. The truck carried two messages. The first demanded an apology.

Protest truck. | theqoo

Is the love fans give you not enough? Why did you choose to betray fans? Please personally apologize to us. Otherwise, you will see the drop in album sales and empty concert venues.

— Truck

The other truck contained a harsher tone, reprimanding Karina for ruining her own career.

Protest truck. | theqoo

Karina, rather than feeling sorry towards the fans, you should be sorry to the you who has worked hard for seven years. You messed up your own career yourself. All your efforts have been denied by a single dating rumor. Are yo satisfied?

— Truck

Other netizens have expressed their disapproval regarding the trucks. Many still hold up the sentiment that she is allowed to be happy in her relationship. You can read the initial reactions to her dating news below.

Korean Netizens React To News That Lee Jae Wook And aespa’s Karina Are Dating


 Fans are angry. 

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