Rookie Male Idol Reaches Out To Fans For Help In His Family’s Time Of Need


Netizens have sent well-wishes to Fantasy Boy member K-Soul after the idol asked for donations to help his ill father.

Fantasy Boys’ K-Soul | @fantasyboys_twt/Twitter

K-Soul debuted with the group Fantasy Boys after taking part in a reality show called My Teenage Boy: Fantasy Boys. Recently, netizens have been sharing moments from K-Soul’s recent broadcast.

In the description, fans explained that the idol is with his family as his father is ill. While he was training, K-Soul was being helped by his family but with his father needing care, he doesn’t ask and his health is also not good. Also, while debt is not an unknown topic in K-Pop, K-Soul revealed that Fantasy Boys is still in debt (despite receiving pay) and that aside from a dormitory, they don’t get any allowances.

Soul’s today Live at DY.

The summary is not mine. I just translate it rough to english. #KSOUL #소울

— Ayam (@CAINOSURE) February 13, 2024

On Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), K-Soul shared a video with the caption, “Overcome this, dad. We haven’t finished celebrating Lunar New Year yet. My sister said she must wait for her dad before setting off her sky lantern. #emergencycare.”

The video shows a heartbreaking scene of K-Soul’s dad in hospital being accompanied by a doctor and someone who could be his mother.

[Video could not be displayed]

Along with the posts, netizens shared a page that allowed fans to donate to K-Soul’s father. While the page is set up by his mum, the address for donations belongs to K-Soul.

Bio Name: I’m Yan Yan’s Mom

Description: Yan Yan’s Mom, Su Jian Fen
Our daughter is only 4 years old, she can’t be without her dad.

In the comments of one of the posts on Weibo, K-Soul shared a link with the caption, “[Click here to show your care] Help the father-daughter so they can co-exist!” and it redirected to a fund page for his father.

When the posts were shared online, netizens sent their best wishes to K-Soul and his family.

k-soul just recently post about his father condition. on weibo. seems like his family need fund to help his father medical expenses. he shared the link if anyone can to help his family

Stay strong soul

— Ayam (@CAINOSURE) February 13, 2024

I’m sorry for being inactive, I’m just trying to take in all the info and my heart aches
Please, if you’re able to, help Ksoul with money. He and his family are in a very critical condition right now
Here’s the PayPal account for international fans

— dailyksoul (@dailyksoul) February 13, 2024

Get well soon for Ksoul’s dad. When I watched the video, my heart kinda dropped after reading his caption

‘Come on dad, the new year has not ended yet. My sister said her sky lantern must wait for dad to play it with her.’

— Ayam (@CAINOSURE) February 12, 2024

I hope K-soul’s father gets well soon.

— m♡ (@on1yfor_ksoul) February 13, 2024

It was sad for fans to see that the life of an idol can’t even allow artists to help their loved ones who are unwell. Netizens are sending K-Soul and his family all their well-wishes along with making fans aware of how they can help.

 Fans are sending well-wishes. 

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