Rookie Idol “Freaks Out” After Accidentally Showing Fans His Phone Screen…But For An Unexpected Reason


There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but nowadays, a person’s cell phone can tell you everything you need to know about them. Idols have accidentally revealed things about themselves by showing their phone screens.

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During a recent live stream, a 5th generation idol accidentally showed his phone screen to fans, but his reason for “freaking out” is not what you’d expect!

In 2023, xikers debuted under KQ Entertainment as a 10-membered boy group.

xikers | KQ Entertainment

The group are currently in Europe for their TRICKY HOUSE: FIRST ENCOUNTER world tour. While resting, presumably at their hotel, member Jinsik went live, chatting with fans and playing music.

xikers’s Jinsik

During one part of the livestream, Jinsik held up his phone to show his screen before suddenly freezing and putting it down. He then leaned back in his seat with his hands behind his head before exaggeratingly singing and dancing along to the song.

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When looking at a screenshot of the phone screen, nothing but the song playing can be seen, so you may wonder why Jinsik reacted that way.

Many believe it is because of a sponsorship with Samsung that has existed since the group’s appearance at KCON USA 2023. The group filmed special content with Samsung and have since publicly used the company’s phones.

The phone Jinsik held up appeared to be an iPhone, likely due to his reaction. While working with a brand, idols usually avoid being seen with competitors’ products for the duration of their partnership.

| Apple

Fans found his reaction hilarious, commenting that they did not see anything happen.

Jinsik accidentally showing his iphone and regretting his life decisions

— astrid ♡ (@istlixx) January 30, 2024

Your honor we saw nothing 🫡

— bri & HYUNGU IS HOME (@lunatinyz) January 31, 2024

went through the 5 stages all in 30 seconds

— hana ♤ XIKERS IS COMING ♤ (@houseoftrickyy) January 31, 2024

 How would you react if this happened to you? 

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