Rising Actress Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction At The 2023 “Blue Dragon Film Awards”


On November 24, Korea’s prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards took place, honoring the year’s film releases and those who acted in them. As expected from the event, stars attending the program dressed to the nines and served gorgeous looks on the red carpet.

The Best Dressed Celebrities At The 2023 “Blue Dragon Film Awards”

Unfortunately, one rising actress’s red carpet-look has drawn attention due to an unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

Among the Blue Dragon Film Awards categories are the “Best New Actress” and “Best New Actor” categories. This year’s nominees for “Best New Actress” included an actress who made her film debut in the movie The Night Owl.

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Actress Ahn Eun Jin has been active as an actress for over a decade, first appearing in plays and musicals before making her television debut in 2018 in the JTBC drama Life.

Her role in the popular series Hospital Playlist would earn her her first “Best Actress” award in 2021.

Ahn Eun Jin | tvN

In 2022, Ahn Eun Jin made her big-screen debut in The Night Owl and earned “Best New Actress” nominations at several awards programs, including the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

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Before the show, the actress was among the many who walked the red carpet. Ahn Eun Jin looked gorgeous in a form-fitting white dress that sparkled as she made her way to the main photo area.

Unfortunately, as the actress walked the red carpet, her strapless dress slipped down, revealing skin-colored breast covers. Breast covers, or nipple covers, are used when wearing strapless or backless fashion to avoid bra straps showing.

By the time she was at the main photo area, both of her breast covers were visible as the media took photos of her.

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Thankfully, Ahn Eun Jin was made aware of the wardrobe malfunction when red-carpet hosts Hong Joo Yeon and Lee Seung Guk joined her for a short interview, covering her chest as she attempted to pull her dress up.

Fortunately, she was able to fix it before her dress slipped any lower, and Hong Joo Yeon used her cue cards to cover her for the remainder of the interview.

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Thankfully, this was a minor mishap, and Ahn Eun Jin looked beautiful regardless! You can check out some of the best dresses worn at the ceremony below.

10+ Of The Most Beautiful Dresses At The 2023 “Blue Dragon Film Awards”

 She handled it with grace! 

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