Rising Actress Reportedly Retires From The Industry After Secretly Getting Married


Actress Yang Jin Sung is reported to have left the industry after getting  married and giving birth.

Yang Jin Sung

On January 29, SPOTV News reported that it was belatedly revealed that actress Yang Jin Sung had left the industry after getting married and giving birth to her first child. The report states that the actress secretly got married to a businessman in 2020 and gave birth soon after.

The news was confirmed by an acquaintance who is familiar with the actress. According to them, the actress has since retired from the industry.

I am aware that Yang Jin Sung got married. She isn’t active in the industry anymore. Not many people know how she is doing after getting married.

— Acquaintance

Yang Jin Sung was a rising actress who debuted in 2010 through the movie Wedding Dress. The actress would go on to star in several acclaimed K-Dramas such as City Hunter, Secret, and Chicago Typewriter. The actress last greeted fans in the 2018 K-Drama Let Me Introduce Her.

Yang Jin Sung’s Instagram, which has over 100K followers, has not been updated since November 21, 2021.

 Fans are in shock. 

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