RIIZE’s Wonbin Once Again Turns Heads For His Incredible Visuals In Unedited Dispatch Photos


It seems like whenever RIIZE‘s Wonbin makes a public appearance, fans go wild. He has such a uniquely handsome aura that he’s gaining new fans left and right, even though he only debuted a couple of months ago!

Wonbin (RIIZE) | SBS

Recently, photos were released of Wonbin on the way to Japan that showcase just how stunning he is, especially since many of them look unedited.

His skin looks radiant and glowing in these fan-taken pictures, and he looks effortlessly handsome event though they’re candid photos.

Some of them even give a glimpse of his eyebrow scar, giving him a natural eyebrow slit that make him look even cooler.

Fans are also grateful that it seems like he’s still staying away from scissors, as no one is ready to see his beautiful long hair gone yet!

It really shows that the RIIZE member doesn’t need any makeup to enhance his already stunning features, and fans are demanding to know what his skin care routine looks like.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the pictures, which were the subject of an online forum post recently.

Have you fallen for Wonbin’s charms and charisma yet?


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