RIIZE’s Wonbin Names His Favorite Members Of NCT’s Units, SEVENTEEN, And TXT


One of the newest boy groups of K-Pop’s fifth generation is SM Entertainment’s RIIZE. The group have seen tons of popularity starting from their highly anticipated pre-release track, “Siren.”

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

Naturally, fans have become curious about the members’ K-Pop preferences, leading one fan to ask Wonbin about other boy groups, including those outside SM.

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During a video call event, a fan asked who his favorite member of NCT Dream was, and Wonbin responded that it was Mark.

NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

After this, the fan moved to NCT’s other subunits, NCT 127 and WayV. Wonbin said his favorite members were Taeyong and Xiaojun, respectively.

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment NCT’s Xiaojun | SM Entertainment

The fan moved on to non-SM idols, first asking about Pledis group SEVENTEEN. Wonbin said that his favorite member was Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | Allure Korea

Next, he stated that Yeonjun was his favorite member of TXT.

TXT’s Yeonjun | More Magazine

Lastly, the fan asked who his favorite member of RIIZE was. After laughing, Wonbin said that Sohee held that spot.

RIIZE’s Sohee | Mnet

It seems like Wonbin is a pretty big K-Pop fan, and hopefully, he gets to work with some of his faves one day! Check out the clip below!

#원빈 남자그룹 취향 pic.twitter.com/W1teErBukw

— Im지니4ugirl (@4ugirlIm) October 26, 2023

 He seems like a big K-Pop stan! 

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