RIIZE’s Sungchan Dropped Such A Huge Comeback Spoiler Even His Members Were Shocked


With anticipation building around SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group, RIIZE, every tidbit of information about their upcoming comeback has fans on the edge of their seats. And at the recent The Fact Music Awards (TMAs), amidst their stunning performances and the celebration of their “Next Leader” award win, Sungchan managed to stir the pot further. With an unexpected spoiler, the idol left both fans and his fellow bandmates in utter surprise.

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The awards night was memorable for RIIZE for many reasons. For starters was their dazzling first-ever red carpet appearance. Then, the electrifying performance of their debut single, “Get A Guitar,” had the crowd energized and the critics raving. But what was the cherry on top was their very first awards show win: the “Next Leader” award. The accolade is a testament to their potential and the promise of what they might achieve in the future.

Congratulations to RIIZE for Winning “Next Leader Award” at the 2023 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS!

RIIZE GAGS TMA#RIIZEat2023TMA #RIIZE #라이즈 @RIIZE_official pic.twitter.com/myBjN85iFt

— riize folder (@riizefolder) October 10, 2023

However, it wasn’t until the awards show concluded that things got even more interesting. In a live broadcast with fans, the group thanked their loyal supporters for their unwavering love and for helping them bag their first award. And as fans hung onto every word, hoping for a hint or two about their eagerly anticipated comeback, Sungchan decided to drop a bombshell.

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Directing his gaze straight into the camera, Sungchan confidently announced, “Comeback is on October 27.” The sudden revelation had the other members of RIIZE in a tizzy, evident from their spontaneous laughter and playful reactions to the unplanned spoiler. Anton, not one to be left out, added a layer of mystery by suggesting “Minus one,” leaving fans speculating if the actual comeback date is on October 26.

minus 1

so oct 26th their faces pic.twitter.com/ICjAQOg63G

— 넷 (@riize_net) October 10, 2023

Yet, Sungchan’s revelation streak didn’t end there. Later during the broadcast, he gave fans what might be a sneak peek into their new song. By singing just two words, he managed to catch his fellow members off-guard, causing a mix of shock and amusement. Given the members’ reaction, fans are buzzing with theories that this could be a line from the title track of their upcoming release.

“NO NO WAY” spoiler?? pic.twitter.com/bZXPrFqiLZ

— ‍ (@antonleekr) October 10, 2023

RIIZE’s debut song, “Get A Guitar,” set a high bar with its catchy rhythm and unforgettable chorus. As a result, expectations for their next song are sky-high. Fans are eager to see how the group evolves musically and what other colors they’ll show in their subsequent releases.

As RIIZE’s comeback date approaches, one thing is certain: their next release is not only awaited for its music but also for the authenticity and charm that members like Sungchan and Anton bring to the table.

 Sungchan decided to drop a bombshell 🤣 

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