RIIZE Fans React To The Members’ New Hairstyles And Colors


RIIZE recently served as the opening act for the second day of IU‘s concert in Seoul on March 3 for her ongoing H.E.R. World Tour. And for the event, it seems that each of the members changed their hair in some ways, some more than others.

Wonbin was one of three members to go blond, though he kept his now-iconic long locks despite the color change.

Shotaro also went the blond route, a color that he has had in the past.

As the third of the half of RIIZE’s members going to a light shade, Eunseok was also spotted with just the tips of his hair exposed as blond. Even though his hair has remained pretty covered, many fans seem disappointed the most by his change from a darker color.

The rest of the members weren’t quite as dramatic. Sungchan kept his hair a classic shade of dark brown/black with a flattering cut…

While Anton also had his hair in a light shade of brown, styled in a long, mullet-like cut.

Finally, Sohee also stuck to his typical brown color, just with a new cut for his notoriously thick, beloved hair!

Here’s how the members appeared when they performed for the concert, though some of them kept their hair relatively hidden with beanies, suggesting that they might still be trying to hide something, or further change might be done soon!

RIIZE with IU | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Some photos and clips from the concert and some taken more recently give better looks at their hairstyles too.

they’re all wearing the “riize ♡ iu” necktie and their shirt pockets have iu heart sign too i love their dedication pic.twitter.com/GCyQUQNDhv

— reems ♡s salma (@myglIly) March 3, 2024

instead of asking IU fans to take care of riize and love them, he asked them to treat briize well if they ever meet them at a concert or event because they’re considered their seniors. shotaro just loves and admires his fans too much, it’s so lovely https://t.co/FJ5a9of03j

— ✾ (@riizebot) March 3, 2024


— riize pics (@riizepics) March 5, 2024

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the RIIZE members’ new ‘dos.

It will be interesting to see if any of them have further hair transformations in the coming days!

 One isn’t being received very well. 

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