RIIZE Anton’s “Puppy-nosaur” Plushie Design Is Peak Adorable


Rookie boy group RIIZE has joined the trend of releasing official animal-style plushies to represent the members, with the members themselves proudly designing their own characters. They’ve been teasing the characters for some time, and the plushies have been released now, each going for 18,000 won (~$13 USD) for a 10cm doll key ring.

Anton (RIIZE) | SBS

And it turns out that Anton‘s character, Meongryongie, isn’t just a cute puppy!

| The Qoo | The Qoo

While at first the plushie looked like it could be a Sanrio-like dog character, it turns out that it’s actually a “puppy-nosaur” — a mix of a puppy and a dinosaur.

| The Qoo | The Qoo | The Qoo

Like the other designs, fans think that this character perfectly captures Anton’s appearance and personality, and they’ve been selling extremely well. People have even been dressing them up in little costumes and sets to make him even cuter!

| The Qoo | The Qoo | The Qoo

There are so many ways to accessorize Meongryongie, and fans have gotten pretty creative with their costumes!

| The Qoo | The Qoo

The plushie even got its own forum post, with fans and non-fans alike unable to get over just how adorable the “puppy-nosaur” is.

Letting RIIZE’s members design their own characters was definitely a great idea!


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