“Ridiculous” Pictures of Fencing Olympian’s Con Artist Ex-Fiancé Revealed, Koreans React


The shocking revelations of former fencing national team member Nam Hyun Hee‘s now ex-fiancé, Jeon Chung Jo, continue.

Not too long after announcing her marriage to “a chaebol 15 years younger than her,” Nam confronted stories of her soon-to-be-husband being a transgender man, a non-chaebol, and—most importantly—a scam artist.

Con artist ex-fiancé Jeon Chung Jo (left) with the fencing Olympian Nam Hyun Hee (right) | Sports Chosun

While at first, Nam sided with Jeon. But in a whirlwind of events, Nam left Jeon after admitting that she, too, was fooled.

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As more accounts of Koreans scammed by Jeon surface, a Gangseo-gu District Council member Kim Min Seok released “photos that Jeon allegedly used to deceive his victims” via JTBC.

The photos show Jeon being escorted by the hired “bodyguards” while in Jeju, Korea. Jeon had over 10 guards present while on the island.

Jeon Chung Jo in sunglasses, surrounded by hired guards. | JTBC

According to Kim, Jeon spent over ₩15.0 million KRW (about $11,100 USD) per month to hire the guards. Kim also mentioned that these photos weren’t released earlier because “when people took pictures of Jeon, the guards ordered them to be deleted.”


JTBC reported that there are also allegations Jeon received scammed funds through the guards’ bank accounts.

Jeon inside a van. | JTBC

Koreans, in complete awe of what has panned out in the week’s time, responded with sarcasm and mocked Jeon for “the ridiculous extravagance bought with other people’s hard-earned cash.”

| theqoo “What kind of guards guard like that? LMAO. This is f*cking ridiculous.” “Haha. But, to be honest, I feel like this might be enough to scam some people. Like, if all those people were in it together and decided to trick me, I’d be tricked. How would I know?” “LMAO! Insane. This is hilarious.” “Hahahaha. This is ridiculous.” “The whole internet is talking about this person… I feel like I have to believe the whole chaebol thing at this point.” “Hiring guards with the scammed cash… LOL.” “Jeon was rich. Rich with the funds scammed from people. All of it was spent doing sh*t like this and splurging on luxurious gifts. Scam artists don’t save the cash.” “LOLOL. Looks like they’re cosplaying.” “This is so embarrassing. Ugh…” “Looks more like a group of thugs to me. Which chaebol in their right minds would go around like that?”

Amid the controversies surrounding Jeon, Nam has since deleted her Instagram account and is keeping herself out of the spotlight. Read more about the final moments between Nam and Jeon.

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 The pictures capture Jeon with “guards,” hired for that “chaebol” look. 

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