Reply 1988 actors Lee Hyeri and Ryu Jun-Yeol couldn’t survive the seven year itch; agency confirms break-up


In a disappointing piece of news, it is confirmed that actors Lee Hye-ri and Ryu Jun-Yeol have ended their relationship. The couple had been together for seven long years. They worked together on the globally popular Korean drama Reply 1988 where they played friends. On the show, Ryu Jun-Yeol was the second male lead. It was shown that they could not end up together as a couple. When news of them dating in real life came out, fans could not be happier. Lee Hye-ri is one of the most popular commercial models of South Korea. She is also a singer and part of the girl group, Girl’s Day. The news was confirmed by the agencies of the couple. Creative Group ING and C-JeS labels that represent Lee Hye-ri and Ryu Jun-Yeol have confirmed the news but did not divulge any reasons why the two took the step. As we know, privacy is strictly maintained there. It seems the two have decided to keep their professional relationship, and would not mind working together once again. In 2017, pics of the two from a riverside date went viral. The news of this break-up comes days after the reported split of Jisoo and Ahn Boh-Hyun who were also seeing one another briefly. Lee Hye-ri was seen on the show, May I Help You in 2022. Her show My Roommate Is A Gumiho is one of the most watched shows on iQiYI platform. The media has described her as a blue chip celebrity. Lee Hye-ri overcame a lot of financial hardships to be where she is today. Ryu Jun-Yeol has also done a number of Korean dramas. Recently, she was on a variety show where she spoke about how little texts she received in a day as compared to the others on the show like (G) IDLE’s Miyeon, Le Sseraffim singer Chaewon and LeeJung who were also there.

 Reply 1988 actors Lee Hyeri and Ryu Jun-Yeol have separated after dating for seven long years. Their agencies have confirmed the news without divulging details 

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