Recently Divorced Idol Reveals Meaning Behind Cryptic Posts


Yulhee revealed that she is now living alone.

Minhwan (left) and Yulhee (right) | JoongAng Ilbo

Recently, the LABOUM member held a Q&A with her fans on Instagram. On this day, the idol answered several questions from fans and revealed that her MBTI was ESTP and that she was trying to get in touch with her son.


I missed a call from my son, and I tried calling him back several times, but he didn’t pick up. I need to pay for his Roblox…

— Yulhee

Notably, the idol revealed that she is living alone for the first time and that she hasn’t gotten used to it.

This is my first time living alone, and everything is a bit awkward.

— Yulhee

Previously, Yulhee had uploaded a story in which she wrote, “To be honest, everything seems difficult.” It seems the idol was talking about her new chapter living alone.

Meanwhile, Yulhee divorced her former husband, FTISLAND‘s Minhwan, in December of last year. The idols have three children together. You can read more about their split in the link below.


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