Ram Charan’s THIS team member walked out of Ambani wedding bash after Shah Rukh Khan’s idly remark on the RRR star


Ram Charan has been making headlines ever since Shah Rukh Khan made an idly remark at the Ambani bash. The video of Jawan star calling the RRR star on stage for showing them the dance on Naatu Naatu has been going viral, and his idly remark has left many fans upset and that is calling it disrespect. The latest buzz is that Ram Charan’s makeup artist walked out from the Ambani bash. Get TV News and Entertainment News updates instantly as BollywoodLife is on WhatsApp.  

Stop spreading your fake agendas againt #ShahRukhKhan to satisfy your own ego …

Both @iamsrk and #RamCharan love and respect each others alot and its truly visible ? Keep on crying dear haters pic.twitter.com/B5e01HVNbT A (@isrkiaa) March 4, 2024

Ram Charan’s makeup artist Zeba Haasan Zaidi walks out of the Ambani bash after Shah Rukh Khan’s idly remark on the star and calls it disrespectful Zeba shared a long post expressing her disappointment on her Instagram stories, Zeba wrote,” Coming from the industry it’s so saddening to say that all the South Indian stars, artists etc are not really appreciated or given the respect that we all deserve. It’s funny how everyone wants to pay us “lesser” because we’re from south India where as they’re okay to pay triple the amount for the same thing to an artist if that artist is Delhi or Mumbai based. I’m so thankful to the mega family for always supporting the South Indian community, they chose give me the chance to shine & pay me as much as they would to the Mumbai /Delhi team, where as they could easily get anyone on board.” The statement further reads, ” Also the new “trend” of calling “celebrity make up artists” from Mumbai is eating up all the business for the new artists in Hyderabad, I’ve so many Dms of girls who message me asking me if they assist me and they’ve graduated from so and so make up schools in India, London, Texas etc but they’re not able to get work. Honestly an artist who comes from Mumbai is gonna be equally good as an artist who works with celebs here, if you go through their profile or look closely you’ll understand it’s almost the same. I hope the coming season we learn to hire South Indians & not chose the north (unpopular opinion again) ” Shah Rukh Khan left Ram Charan fans upset with his remark at the actor As the video of Dunki star calling Ram idly vada, the fans of the RRR star are calling it a shame and are claiming this is something they never expected from him.  

Watch the video of Shah Rukh Khan

 Ram Charan’s makeup artist Zeba Haasan Zaidi slams Shah Rukh Khan’s idly remark and calls it disrespectful. 

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