Rahul Vaidya to take Disha Parmar and baby girl home on THIS special day; shares he manifested birth during Ganesh Chaturthi


Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are on cloud nine right now after welcoming a baby girl yesterday, 20th September. Bigg Boss 14 fame manifested having his first child, a girl child and his wish has come true. That’s not his only wish, Rahil Vaidya also reveals that Disha Parmar was initially due in the first week of October. And he had been manifesting his child’s birth during Ganesh Chaturthi, and this wish has come true as well. The newbie dad has a lot to say…

Rahul Vaidya cannot stop his tears while talking about his daughter

While talking to an online entertainment news portal, Rahul Vaidya shares that for about three to four hours, he was numb with happiness after welcoming his firstborn. He has cried five to six times since her birth and is still unable to fully fathom the feeling of fatherhood. Whenever he gets to see her, Rahul gets teary-eyed. The singer reveals choking even while talking to the portal. Rahul is very much overwhelmed right now. They were anticipating the delivery but the experience of it finally happening is very different.

Check out Rahul Vaidya’s post no welcoming girl child here:

Rahul Vaidya is in disbelief that he is now a father of a child

The feeling of having a daughter and being a father has not yet sunk in for Rahul. While signing the consent form, he had to mention his name in place of father’s name and that’s when it hit him that this is all happening to him. Rahul reveals Sonu Nigam was amongst the first ones to call him and congratulate him.

Rahul Vaidya talks about name-keeping and home-bound journey

The Bigg Boss 14 fame contestant reveals that he and Disha Parmar have shortlisted a few names but eventually, they will decide based on the Raashi (Sunsign/zodiac). Furthermore, Rahul shares that he will take Disha Parmar and his little one home on 23rd September, which is his birthday! The singer gushes that it will be the most memorable birthday for him as he will welcome his child home on that day. Rahul reveals he manifested his first child to be a girl because he feels they have a different grace. They love their fathers a lot and he also feels that they take better care of their parents. Rahul also gushed about Disha in the interview. It was a surreal moment for them when Disha held their baby girl for the first time.

 Rahul Vaidya has opened up on embracing fatherhood for the first time. The singer is overwhelmed about the arrival of his baby girl and has gushed over his wife Disha Parmar. 

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