“PSY Or Jay Park?” Jessi Shocks Netizens With Her Answer When Choosing Between Her Former And Current CEO


K-Pop soloist Jessi has never been afraid to speak her mind or be “unfiltered.”

K-Pop soloist Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

So, after the idol released her track “GUM,” netizens have been excited to see Jessi back on variety shows and making them LOL.

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In particular, the idol sent the internet into fits of laughter when talking about her former P NATION CEO PSY…

Jessi with PSY | @psyoppa/Instagram

And her current CEO Jay Park, who owns More Vision.

Jessi and Jay Park | MORE VISION

On October 29, on the iconic KStarNextDoor, a teaser for the next episode was released, and it featured Jessi.

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During the teaser, host Jonathan explained that she was at P NATION but is now at MORE Vision, before asking to pick between the two artists.

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While most idols would stay neutral to avoid conflict, Jessi’s answer made everyone LOL as she said, “I hate them both.”

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Jonathan couldn’t hide his laughter at Jessi’s abrupt answer, especially when the idol asked if she had to pick between the two.

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After hearing that she wouldn’t “die” if she didn’t pick one, she stuck by her answer, adding, “Tell them to survive on their own.”

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When the video was posted online…


No one is safe with her #제시 #JESSI #GUM #thekstarnextdoor #동네스타K #pnation #psy #morevision #jaypark #kpop #fyp

♬ Gum – Jessi

Even though it was only a trailer, netizens couldn’t get how hilariously savage Jessi was being. Although many knew it was probably just “banter,” netizens loved how unbothered and unfiltered the idol is whenever she does variety shows.

As always, Jessi never fails to make netizens LOL with her comments and her unfiltered attitude. It will be interesting to see the full interview and if she has a longer explanation!

 “Jessi was so real for that tbh…” 😂 

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