Popular Third Generation’s Reported Difficult Contract Negotiations Spark Concern And Speculation


Netizens react to BTOB and Cube Entertainment‘s contract negotiations.

BTOB | Cube Entertainment

On November 1, Ilgan Sports reported that the third-generation group and Cube Entertainment are still ways off in their contract negotiations. Despite the fact that contracts for five of the six members have already come to an end, the group’s next steps are in limbo.

BTOB’s Status With Cube Entertainment Up In The Air Following Contract Expiration

The report states that Cube Entertainment has stated it will explore all options to renew the group’s contract, while BTOB members are reportedly meeting other labels and might be open to moving to a new home.

Cube Entertainment | Korea Herald

Ilgan Sports stated that even if BTOB members were to find a new home, the members would like to continue the group. The news outlet stated that a generous signing bonus might be key to negotiations. It is reported that the members were recently offered ₩6.00 billion KRW (about $4.44 million USD) by an unnamed label.

Netizens reacted to the news, with many rooting for the group. Many fans speculated whether the group collectively will be signing to a different label.

“Will they move labels together? I think that would work for BTOB.” “I want to see BTOB sing together for a long time.” “I wonder if Cube released the info about the signing bonus…” “Cube, those jerks.” “I am not a fan, but I like their songs and want them to continue releasing music…” “Sigh, Cube b@stards usually don’t re-sign their artists, ㅠㅠ.” “Please, BTOB, leave Cube. I don’t care if you have to change your name to CTOC.” “Leave Cube.” “They are a good group, ㅜㅜ.” “Wow, will they all leave to a new label together?” “If they are leaving together, they might be waiting for the one member’s contract to end.”

Stay tuned for updates.

 “Cube, those jerks…” 

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