Popular Third-Generation K-Pop Idol Gains Attention For His Long-Haired Visuals


There are some male K-Pop idols who rock the long-haired look better than others, with some of them even having fans who prefer them with long over short hair. Of course, these sorts of opinions are completely subjective depending on the person, but it can be argued that there are a number of idols who just genuinely look incredible with longer locks!

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

Recently, a third/fourth generation male idol has been getting attention due to his latest hairstyle, with many fans and non-fans of his group alike swooning over his current visuals.

The idol in question is Bae Jinyoung, current member of CIX and former member of Wanna One.

He debuted with Wanna One in 2017 and CIX in 2019, making him a rare K-Pop idol who is technically part of two different generations. But regardless of which generation he’s in, fans are loving his already handsome visuals paired with long hair!

Those who are already fans of Jinyoung and CIX are full of nothing but praise and admiration for Jinyoung, his group, and their discography, while some who are discovering him now have suddenly become more interested in the K-Pop idol and group.

They came out with their first single album, 0 or 1, about a month ago, and their fans would love for this attention to be an opportunity for CIX’s fanbase to grow.

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to the handsome Bae Jinyoung with his most recent hairstyle.

Will you be checking out CIX’s music if you haven’t already?


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