Popular Third Generation Idol Faces Accusations Of Plagiarizing BTS’s J-Hope


GOT7‘s Yugyeom is currently facing accusations of plagiarism.

GOT7’s Yugyeom | Esquire Korea

Following their departure from JYP Entertainment, each member of GOT7 focused on their solo careers. Yugyeom was among the first to announce his plans, revealing that he signed with AOMG shortly after.

The idol quickly released his first mini-album, Point of View: U, in 2021 but left fans waiting for his next release for almost three years.

On January 15, Yugyeom announced his first full album, Trust Me, along with some concept images.

| @yugyeom/X

A few days later, the idol revealed the tracklist for the album, along with each version’s cover art. The first is yellow-themed, showing the idol lying down while reading a book.

| @yugyeom/X

The second features Yugyeom sinking into a green inflatable, wearing a brown outfit with a hat.

| @yugyeom/X

This second image is what launched the accusations of plagiarism.

Before his enlistment, BTS’s J-Hope released his first full album, Jack In The Box, in 2022. This album, based around the story of Pandora’s Box, was a change from his previous release’s imagery and featured “darker” concepts.


J-Hope was shown as the “Jack-In-The-Box,” sporting a twist on the traditional jester’s outfit in much of the concept’s imagery, and was also placed inside more than one box.


Some found Yugyeom’s second concept too close to J-Hope’s, primarily centered around the image of the GOT7 member “coming out” of something while wearing a similar hat against a monochrome background. Some also said the fonts used were too similar.

This should be a joke my god this kpop industry is full of copycat pic.twitter.com/LjM4rJcfBi

— Ariana Grande Update (@SICKTEAR07) January 31, 2024

Comments on Yugyeom’s Instagram. | @yugyeom/Instagram

Fans quickly defended the idol, saying that the concepts were entirely different and that other artists had used similar hats before J-Hope’s release. Many also encouraged others to leave positive comments on Yugyeom’s post.

Both concepts are completely different LMFAO pic.twitter.com/ysvJfqO1QU

— Myra (@tuanymtt) January 31, 2024

Lmao THIS is what they’re crying about…. Over a damn hat? Be so for real right now pic.twitter.com/KccKuPnXTS

— AJ ~Heli~ (@AhgaseAmongUs) January 31, 2024

tf look at the comments under yugyeom’s ig post

please go and leave some nice comments or spam with green emojis under it pic.twitter.com/xPJ5tJtOm6

— lilly | ia✵ (@withgotseven_) February 1, 2024

like bitch where ??!!??!???? literally NOTHING
not even the concept yugyeom is doing his meanwhile hobi was all dark y’all rlly on drugs or something https://t.co/ApnSMEJBUp pic.twitter.com/Vvbi91pt1X

— em (@defxjoong) February 1, 2024

 Many have found the accusations to be “ridiculous.” 

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