Popular Singer Responds To Drug Allegations Stemming From Bizarre Livestream


MEENOI responded to a fan asking if she did drugs following her bizarre livestream.


In the early morning of February 5, AOMG artist MEENOI held a livestream. During her stream, the singer talked aimlessly before breaking down crying.

Chart-Topping Singer Sparks Concerns After Crying In Bizarre Livestream

The livestream since has raised alarm and concerns among fans who are worried about the artist’s well-being. As MEENOI is known for her charming and positive personality, her cryptic disposition did not sit well with some fans.

Even more concerning to some was the fact that the singer confessed that she had committed a crime. One fan in particular directly asked the singer if she was using drugs.

Did you do drugs? Why do you keep saying you committed a sin and broke the law?

— Fan

MEENOI then responded to a fan in a manner that was confusing and hard to understand. In her initial response, the singer doesn’t seem to deny the allegations.

I need to accept how I may look to people and judge myself correctly. So, thanks for telling me that I look like I have done drugs… I realized that to some, they are able to tell me after correctly observing and judging me. [sic] I think this is worth learning; that is why I wanted to leave a comment here. Can I pin your comment? Asking while I’m pinning your comment.


The singer then gave a clearer answer and denied she had used drugs.

Anyway, be careful with those words. Words like that can insult and create prejudices. My actions. I really, really thought hard to myself and cried. I didn’t even drink because I wanted to convey my thoughts to you clearly. I’m sorry. *Cries *Cries…


MEENOI’s label, AOMG, has since stated that they are looking into the matter when contacted for comment.


 The singer responded. 

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