Popular Singer And Model GF Show Off Their Relationship In Steamy Social Media Updates


Fans of celebrity couples are always eager to find evidence of their relationship and often resort to social media. Usually, “lovestagrams” or coordinating posts are the only hints netizens get of a couple sharing time together.

Newly Confirmed Couple Thrills Fans By Posting “Lovestagram” Photos

Recently, a popular singer and his model girlfriend turned that idea on its head and shared some steamy content online!

Fans of third-generation K-Pop groups may recognize soloist Jey from his earlier idol aspirations. In 2014, as a YG Entertainment trainee, Jey (then known as Jinhyeong) appeared on the survival show Mix & Match as one of three new contestants competing for a spot in iKON.

Jey while on Mix & Match | YG Entertainment

Jey would ultimately miss making the group by one spot and later make his solo debut in 2017. Since then, the singer has released several albums, including the 2022 release Algorithm. 


It is unknown exactly when, but sometime last year, Japanese actress and model Mayu Kitazawa revealed the pair’s relationship. Since then, he has appeared in many of her updates as she accompanies him to performances.

Mayu Kitazawa | Tomorrow Tokyo | @mayu_kitazawa/Instagram

In January 2024, Jey performed for fans in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mayu accompanied him to the country and has since shared updates featuring the singer. One image shows Jey taking photos of the scenery…

| @mayu_kitazawa/Instagram

…but it is her other content that has netizens feeling “extra single!”

On her feed, along with the tourist photo, Mayu shared a video of the two in a pool in a close embrace.

Your browser does not support video.| @mayu_kitazawa/Instagram 

While this clip was enough to have netizens spiraling, her story posts from a few days before show the couple cuddled in close for a selfie in their swimsuits and sharing a kiss inside the pool as they float off-screen.

| @mayu_kitazawa/Instagram Your browser does not support video.| @mayu_kitazawa/Instagram 

Netizens have had various reactions, from envying both stars to congratulating them on their relationship.

happy for them https://t.co/zIbOUoSJgY pic.twitter.com/4GyZyQkfyU

— 777 (@7DRMT) January 22, 2024

i want both of them https://t.co/6sbo6AvFjN

— ? (@doIlfes) January 23, 2024

MOVE JEY ITS MY TURN https://t.co/CWVtycAw6h

— shaenette ・゚✧ (@Lilouettas) January 22, 2024

 They make a beautiful couple! 

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