Popular Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang Apologizes Over Racist Video — Netizens React


Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang was recently hit with backlash after a video of hers went viral for the wrong reasons. The video was accused of being racist by both Korean and international viewers. Tzuyang has invited comedian Kim Ji Young to guest star in the video. Kim Ji Young adopted a “Filipina persona,” Ni Tong. Ni Tong is a racist caricature based on Filipino stereotypes in Korea.

Kim Ji Young was then shown speaking in broken Korean and mocking Filipino accents.

Hello. I am Ni Tong, and I have a beautiful smile. I was formerly the wife of a farmer, but now I am a comedian.

— Kim Ji Young

The video was taken down on the evening of February 5, 2023. Tzuyang also uploaded an apology in three different languages, including Tagalog.

Tzuyang’s apology in Tagalog.

Hello, this is tzuyang. I want to extend my sincere apologies to our Filipino viewers and subscribers for any concerns caused by the video uploaded on January 28th with a Korean comedian.  I hold great respect for the Philippines and feel genuinely grateful to the many viewers in the Philippines who enjoy my videos.  However, it was a huge oversight on my part not to realize that the content we produced might unintentionally cause emotional pain, which was not our intention. I sincerely apologize once again to the Filipino viewers and to anyone who felt uncomfortable watching the video. We have already removed the video in question. I will carefully heed the criticisms and comments from our viewers and will make every effort to be thoughtful and attentive when creating content in the future.

— Tzuyang

Netizens praised her for the quick apology, but also pointed out that while Filipino subscribers were quick to forgive, the Korean community would not have been so kind.

Netizen comments. | Tzuyang/YouTube I think that the problem could’ve been solved if she put herself in others’ shoes. I would be upset if someone portrayed Koreans like that overseas. I’m sorry to the Filipinos. Filipinos are so kind. If it was a Korean, she would’ve been canceled. “Put yourself in the shoes of others.” I hope that she will think of this and make better [content] plans in the future. I think it’s such a pity that no one even felt this was problematic when the video was in the planning stage. We need to get rid of KBS’s Gag Concert for real. I would feel bad if someone weirdly imitated the Korean accent overseas. That’s why it’s right for her to have apologized.

You can read more about the incident below.

Popular YouTuber Tzuyang Hit With Severe Backlash In Response To Racist Video

 Her video was offensive to Filipinos. 

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