Popular Korean Rapper Admits He Lied About Surrendering To The Police Over Drug Abuse


Rapper New Champ recently issued an apology after he falsely claimed on Saturday, January 20, that he had turned himself in to the police for using illegal drugs.

On January 19, KST, local media outlets were abuzz with reports of a famous rapper in their 30s turning themselves in for drug abuse and were under investigation. Soon after, New Champ posted a comment on an Instagram post sharing the news, implying that he was the unnamed rapper.

In the comment, he said he was not a “gimmick” anymore “who didn’t even do drugs.” His comment was in response to criticism over his drug-related lyrics being purely attention-seeking, as many pointed out the rapper had never actually used before.

I turned myself in because people called me a gimmick who didn’t even do drugs…I’m not a gimmick anymore. It was good, though.

— New Champ

His comment was met with intense online backlash, and the rapper issued an apology the following day, saying that it was a “joke.”

My childish judgment became a disgusting joke. I apologize [for my behavior]. I now know that such jokes shouldn’t be made. I truly thought everyone would receive it as a joke, but now I know that was not the case.

— New Champ

The rapper added that he felt “pathetic” for allowing a comment made “just for fun” to turn into such a big issue and reiterated that he has never done any illegal drugs.

New Champ’s apology on Instagram | Nate News

Meanwhile, New Champ debuted in 2013 and gained significant popularity with his appearance on Mnet‘s hip-hop competition show, Show Me The Money, in 2014.

 He called it a “joke.” 

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