Popular Influencer Makes Stunning Wedding Announcement, Reveals Her Pregnancy And Fiancé


YouTuber Ralral announced that she is getting married.


On February 1, Ralral, who has 1.3 million subscribers, revealed on her livestream that she is 4 months pregnant and is engaged. The influencer then took to her Instagram to share the news with her followers.

Hello, I‘m ralral. First of all, you might be very surprised.
Yes, I was shouting non-maritalism, but I decided to get married and became a mother!
I heard that the people who don’t get married are the first to go…
I can‘t believe it, but there’s a lot to learn from dating for a long time
I wanted to be with a mature person forever
I don‘t think I should get married myself
I was particularly negative about marriage. I was full of thoughts that I wanted to live my whole life for myself and never make unnecessary sacrifices, even though I knew that people could grow as much as they experienced and see a wider world
Of course, I’m still so immature and reckless now, but as responsible as I became a mother!!
I‘ll live a strong and happy life like now!!
It’s a time of great physical and mental change for me
I hope ”YURA“ will be happy and ”RalRal“ will make you laugh
I‘ll make a lot of fresh and fun contents
Thank you for reading this long article. Be careful not to catch a cold🫶
Please take good care of the seniors who are raising children
(Please tell me a lot about the great mothers who raise babies!!🫠) [sic]

— Ralral

The influencer also shared her engagement photos and gave a glimpse of her fiancé.

@__ralral__/Instagram @__ralral__/Instagram @__ralral__/Instagram @__ralral__/Instagram

Meanwhile, it is reported that Ralral’s fiancé is 11 years older. The two are said to be foregoing a traditional wedding and will simply register their marriage. Ralral is said to become a new mother in July.

 Congrats to the couple! 

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