Popular Idol Shows Off The Lavish Proposal From Her Actor Boyfriend


It was previously reported in the news that UNI.T and Hello VenusYoonjo would be marrying actor Lee Dong Ho.

| @_yoonjo/Instagram

On November 17, 2023, she showed off the lavish proposal that she received from her husband-to-be. With just two days to the wedding then, she was caught by surprise. She received a gorgeous and huge diamond ring.

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A blush pink bouquet of Jana roses were also presented to her.

| @_yoonjo/Instagram

The room was decorated with a sign that read “Marry Me,” along with some wedding gifts. She received purple floral arrangements, a ring, and Jimmy Choo shoes. It is usually tradition for wedding shoes to be presented to the bride during the proposal.

| @_yoonjo/Instagram

She spilled the details on the proposal.

There’s only two days left to the wedding, and he hadn’t proposed yet, so I thought that he wasn’t going to… But he fooled me so perfectly. It’s so touching, but also baffling at the same time, and also adorable… I felt so sorry for him as he’s someone who really can’t do such things, but he prepared it all… I dunnooooo, I love him I so much…

— Yoonjo

She also tagged him and their puppy, captioning it, “My loves.

| @_yoonjo/Instagram

In South Korea, a couple decides on getting married after discussing the question without a formal proposal. The proposal takes place separately, after both have already agreed to get married. It usually happens while plans for the wedding ceremony are already under way. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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