Popular HYBE Label Trainee’s Social Media Activity Appears To Confirm Her Departure From The Company


Earlier this year, the HYBE and BELIFT LAB program R U Next? aired, introducing fans to a host of talented trainees, all competing for a chance to debut in the next big girl group.

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Over several weeks, the trainees were whittled down to the final six that would debut as members of I’LL IT. Like any survival program, many fans were disappointed when their favorite trainees did not make the group.

5 “R U Next?” Fan Favorites Whose Eliminations Left Fans Heartbroken

However, there was one fan-favorite trainee whose elimination left many heartbroken.

After the initial reveal of the trainees, interested netizens began looking for more information about each individual. Chanelle was discovered to be an ex-Twitter stan known for her love of ITZY and Red Velvet and had previously appeared on JTBC‘s Stage-K as part of a cover group.

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Each week, Chanelle ranked high on the global fans voting chart and impressed many with her performances.

chanelle – bad boy pic.twitter.com/nwj6itYrnY

— @chanellegallery (@iS2moonelle) October 6, 2023

Ultimately, Chanelle would be eliminated in episode 9, leaving fans devastated the talented trainee would not be debuting the girl group. Despite this, many were sure that a debut would be somewhere in her near future.

Recently, fans were given a hint at Chanelle’s current status coming from the star herself.

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One indicator of trainee life that fans have noticed is the deletion of most, if not all, public social media accounts, at least until after debut. A return to social media is often taken as a sign that a trainee has left their company, as seen with some members of HYBE’s now-disbanded boy group project Trainee A.

On November 23, an x account with the username @chanellelunelle tweeted a new video clip of Chanelle singing with the caption, “I gifted her a guitar and she gifted me a song.

I gifted her a guitar and she gifted me a song pic.twitter.com/dpeOrHAFCo

— MotherofallLunelles@LA (@chanellelunelle) November 24, 2023

The account’s biography says “Chanelle’s mom” in Korean, but fans believe Chanelle also uses the account. Many have also taken this as confirmation of Chanelle’s departure from the company following rumors she and trainee Jeemin left to pursue higher education.

jeemin and chanelle have left hybe. pic.twitter.com/jcYq3Z2BGR

— rubie (she/her) (@auditiontwtceo) November 20, 2023

i won’t go into anymore details besides saying chanelle is in a SKY college (ivy league level college in korea)! she’s doing well so i hope you guys continue to support her <3333

— rubie (she/her) (@auditiontwtceo) November 20, 2023

Regardless of her future path, fans are grateful for the new content and have nothing but well-wishes for the artist!

i’ve missed chanelle’s beautiful voice so much i’m gonna cry ‍🩹

— IT’s rune (@willibeit) November 24, 2023

you will always be famous chanelle 🫶 https://t.co/D2qREacR3h

— bora 🫧🪼 (@lilhaexx) November 25, 2023

I still can’t believe that we got an update from her my heart is so happy rn I can’t stop smiling https://t.co/zLuVJUQoBs

— chanelle’s gf (REAL) (@fairyychanelle) November 24, 2023

 Fans have been waiting to hear from her! 

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