Popular British Soccer Star Caught In DMs Of “Korea’s Kim Kardashian”


Jesse Lingard, a well-known British soccer player, has found himself in the spotlight for reasons beyond his athletic success. The footballer was confirmed to have sent private messages to a popular Korean influencer known for her significant social media presence and distinctive physique, earning her the nickname “Korea’s Kim Kardashian.”

| @jesselingard/Instagram

The influencer in question, Applee, who boasts over 1.9 million followers on Instagram, shared a screenshot of a direct message (DM) she received from Lingard. The message, a simple “Hi” from the footballer, might seem innocuous at first glance. However, it’s the context and the individuals involved that make it a point of interest.

| @xxapplee_kr/Instagram

Applee expressed her excitement and honor at receiving attention from Lingard, stating, “I’m a huge fan of Mr. Lingard, so getting a ‘like’ and even a DM from you is such an honor.

| @xxapplee_kr/Instagram

Jesse Lingard — an attacking midfielder known for his tenure with Manchester United in the English Premier League before his recent move to FC Seoul — has had a successful career in football. His transfer to Korea’s K League and subsequent debut against Gwangju FC on March 2 has been a significant talking point in sports circles.

| @jesselingard/Instagram

The 33-year-old athlete, who has a daughter with a British fitness model, has always been in the public eye, but this incident sheds light on his interactions off the field.

Applee, on the other hand, is a 34-year-old influencer famous for her distinctive large buttocks, officially measured at 46 inches, and has launched her own underwear brand. Her comparison to Kim Kardashian is not just about her physical appearance but also her influence on social media.

It remains to be seen how this interaction will impact Lingard’s career in Korea and his relationship with fans worldwide. Regardless, Korean as well as international fans are tuned in for further updates on this unexpected duo — with many excited to see future interactions.


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