Popular Actress’s Husband Allegedly Photographed Kissing Another Man


Actress Ham So Won addressed rumors surrounding her husband Jin Hua.

Ham So Won (left) and Jin Hua (right) | Sports Kyunghyang

On February 12, Ham So Won cleared up rumors claiming that her husband had been spotted kissing another man. In a now-deleted Instagram story, the actress reportedly stated that the man in a viral photo was not her husband.

I am answering the questions I received on Instagram and TikTok. If you look closely, they look similar. But I know Jin Hua’s face. I hope all of you take a good look. The person who is kissing in the photo is not Jin Hua.

— Ham So Won

Previously, a photo of a man kissing another man went viral after it was alleged that the man was Ham So Won’s husband.

함소원 남편 진화, 남자와 키스? 사진까지 나오자 결국… 

◆◆ 내용 확인하기 ◆◆https://t.co/7yplFvXChs

— 알려는드릴게 (@dayang_55) February 12, 2024

Ham So Won’s husband Jin Hua is kissing another man? After the photo came out, Ham So Won eventually…

— @Dayang_55

Meanwhile, Ham So Won married Jin Hua in 2018. The two have become popular in Korea thanks to appearing on variety shows. The couple has received mixed reactions in the past for their seemingly volatile relationship.

Stay tuned for updates.

 The actress responded to the viral photo. 

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