Popular Actress Shifts Career Drastically, Now Works As A Cleaner For Other Celebrities


A well-known Korean actress who withdrew herself from the spotlight a few years ago revealed her dramatic career change in a recent TV appearance.

Choi Kang Hee, a veteran actress who debuted in 1995, is known for many of her hit films like Whispering Corridors, Goodbye Mom, and Petty Romance, as well as drama series, including Protect the Boss, School 1, and Hello, Me! Despite a long-running career of 25 years, the actress suddenly disappeared from the entertainment scene after 2021.

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Choi recently made a return on the screen through the MBC show Point of Omniscient Interfere, where she spilled on her recent whereabouts. The actress said she had been working as a waitress and as a house cleaner while on her sabbatical from acting.

Addressing her hiatus, Choi said when she told her family she wanted to stop acting three years ago, they were supportive of her decision. So, she changed her phone number and told her manager to stop receiving scripts. Despite her 25-year career, the veteran artist revealed that she was unhappy and decided to try out different things to figure out what really was her calling. So, she went to school to become a broadcast writer and learned editing as well.

Apart from school, she also worked part-time at a restaurant, washing dishes. Currently, Choi revealed, she works as a house cleaner tailored for celebrities. Her job doesn’t only include cleaning houses but also maintaining strict security measures to protect their privacy.

Choi is also active as a YouTuber, and she uploads daily vlog-style videos of her life outside the entertainment industry. On January 31, she posted a video of her working as a sanitation worker collecting garbage.

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While many would dream of a successful career like Choi Kang Hee, the actress herself has shown an exceptional mindset, leaving it all behind to find her calling. She is the main character!

 She has been on hiatus since 2021. 

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