Popular Actress Quietly Breaks Off Her Marriage Only Six Months After The Wedding


A popular Korean actress recently broke off her marriage only a few months after the wedding without making anything public.

According to reports by the media outlet E-Daily on November 4, actress Jung Ju Yeon parted ways with her husband last month, only six months after their nuptial. The actress married her non-celebrity partner, who was reported to be older, in March 2023.

Jung Ju Yeon

Though the couple held a wedding ceremony, they reportedly never officially registered their marriage. E-Daily reported that close acquaintances of Jung have stated the two had been considering a separation even before the wedding took place. The reason behind this fallout is supposed differences in their personalities.

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The newlyweds finally parted ways in October this year through mutual agreement.

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Meanwhile, Jung Ju Yeon made her acting debut in Epik High’s 2009 “Wannabe” music video. The actress gained prominence through dramas like Stormy Lovers, Princess Aurora, and City of the Sun and has also starred in popular movies like Twenty and The Cursed Lesson. In 2021, she made another music video appearance with Lee Young Hyun’s “Going Away” and garnered quite some attention for her performance.

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Jung Ju Yeon is currently said to be preparing for a new acting project.

 Media reports confirmed the split. 

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