Popular Actor’s Beautiful Wife Goes Viral


Actor Lee Jae Won revealed his beautiful wife.

Lee Jae Won | Naver

On January 25, Lee Jae Won was a guest on MBC‘s Radio Star. On this day, the actor revealed that he got into an argument with his wife. When asked why, the actor revealed it was over what he was going to wear to the show.

After receiving the invitation to appear on the show, my wife asked me what I was going to wear. I told her I wanted to wear a suit because Choo Sung Hoon wore it on the show and looked cool, but my wife told me that I wouldn’t look as good wearing a suit. She insisted I wear a knit sweater, and so I did.

— Lee Jae Won

The show then revealed a photo of Lee Jae Won’s beautiful wife. Lee Jae Won married his wife in 2020 after three years of dating.

Lee Jae Won with his mother-in-law (left) and his wife (right)

Lee Jae Won was then asked what his wife thought of his acting, to which the actor responded that she had more pressing things on her mind.

My wife doesn’t really talk about my acting and instead talks about my clothes. She tells me when I dress badly and what she would have worn instead.

— Lee Jae Won

Meanwhile, Lee Jae Won is a popular actor who has starred in some of K-Drama’s biggest hits in recent years, such as Mr. Queen, Revenant, and Welcome To Samdal-ri.


 The couple married recently in 2020. 

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