Popular Actor Yells At Paparazzi And Fans Mobbing Him At The Airport


For many celebrities, airport arrivals and departures can be extremely stressful, having nothing to do with airplanes. Instead, stars deal with mobs of fans and reporters, making the experience sometimes traumatic.

An idol being mobbed at the airport.

While many stars have taken it as something that comes with the trade, others have openly asked fans not to behave the way they have, like NCT’s Jaemin.

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Scolds Fans Who Mobbed The Group At The Airport

Recently, actor Xiao Zhan had to deal with a mobbing situation in his own way.

Xiao Zhan is a Chinese actor and singer who began his career as a member of the survival show group X-Nine.

Xiao Zhan | Wikimedia

One of his most popular roles internationally was in the 2019 drama The Untamed alongside UNIQ‘s Yibo. The wildly popular drama was based on the danmei, or Chinese genre of fictional media featuring romantic relationships between men, novel Mo Dao Zu Shi.


Since then, he’s starred in numerous projects, staying business as he travels for appearances.


During some of his latest travels, Zhan unfortunately dealt with fans and paparazzi mobbing him at the airport. The star became so frustrated he yelled at the crowd, telling them to move forward.

He still showed concern, however, telling the crowd to be careful.


— dramapotatoe vids (@potatoevideos) February 21, 2024

Move forward! What are you all doing? Can’t you all be orderly? Move forward. Can’t you all move forward? …. Be careful, be careful.

— Xiao Zhan

Luckily, his latest travels for the TODS Milan Fashion Week show were much less turbulent, with the star’s arrival going much smoother.

Seriously Xiao Zhan can make even a normal airport walk seem like a runaway. His posture and pace is really good. Even in this situation it’s not hasty nor timid, brisk and elegant still

Xiao Zhan Milan Fashion Week#XiaoZhanInMilan24#MFW24 pic.twitter.com/V9xPJcqoJp

— hanna_bunnytoy (@hannasj20) February 22, 2024

Hopefully, these stressful situations will become less common in the future.

 He still showed concern for those there. 

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