Popular Actor Accused Of Sexual Assault Claims He Was Blackmailed


Actor Han Ji Sang has come forward with claims of being blackmailed over false accusations of sexual harassment. The actor — known for his roles in various musicals — found himself at the center of controversy following allegations made by an individual referred to as “Ms. A.”

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According to Han, the ordeal began with a message from Ms. A just minutes before his performance in Ben-Hur on September 10, 2019. Ms. A — who had been in a casual romantic relationship with Han since May 2018 — accused him of forced harassment and demanded an explanation. Han Ji Sang described the accusation as unexpected and baseless, leading him to believe he was being blackmailed.

It was frightening how she spoke of things that didn’t happen as if they did. I thought I needed to calm her down and discuss things logically.

— Han Ji Sang

The actor recounted their relationship as one filled with affectionate exchanges, noting a sudden shift in Ms. A’s demeanor towards him. After the accusation, she allegedly demanded that Han either publicly acknowledge their relationship or compensate her with an amount ranging from ₩500 million KRW (about $375,000 USD) to ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $750,000 USD).

Han claimed to have apologized multiple times to Ms. A, not for any wrongdoing, but in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

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In an effort to clear his name, Han Ji Sang met with Ms. A, during which she purportedly admitted to the mutual nature of their interactions and acknowledged that Han had not harassed her. This conversation was recorded by Han as part of his evidence.

You didn’t harass me. It wasn’t one-sided. I also enjoyed those moments at that time. Legally, you can’t do anything. You didn’t force anything. You did nothing wrong.

— Ms. A to Han Ji Sang in the recording (allegedly)

The situation escalated when Ms. A began threatening to expose Han through various means, including social media and the press. In response, Han Ji Sang took legal action against Ms. A for attempted extortion and coercion in March 2020 — a move he described as a last resort to save his reputation and career.

Despite the legal battle, Ms. A briefly went public with her harassment claims before deleting her post without issuing any correction or apology. On December 30, 2020, Han claims she reached out with a message expressing hope for his healing and a return to the stage, a gesture the actor found hollow in the absence of public acknowledgment of the truth.

I really didn’t want to sue. The moment I did, I knew this situation would become public. But I sued because I wanted to live. I wanted to escape this unacceptable situation. I wanted to escape from a devastated life. I did not commit sexual harassment.

— Han Ji Sung

Han Ji Sang’s situation has led to his withdrawal from the musical The Devil: Faust, following demands from some fans. The actor expressed regret over the impact of the allegations on his family, colleagues, and the musical industry. He emphasized his desire to protect his honor and reveal the truth despite the personal and professional toll the accusations have taken.


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