Poonam Pandey death news: Jhanak actress Dolly Sohi fighting cervical cancer slams the publicity stunt; says ‘My inner strength was shaken up’


Poonam Pandey is the talk of the town now. She is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It was a tough day for many of us yesterday when the news about Poonam Pandey’s death came out. The news was a huge shock for everyone and many celebrities were shocked to know about Poonam’s sudden death. Poonam Pandey’s manager posted a note on her official Instagram handle and revealed that she passed away due to cervical cancer at the age of 32. Many of her friends from the industry were deeply saddened. But, Poonam has hurt the sentiments of all her friends and fans. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Poonam Pandey gets trolled for faking her death

Yes, this morning she posted a video saying that she is alive and faked her death to spread awareness about cervical cancer. People slammed her for this fake PR strategy and even trolled her. Many celebrities have bashed Pooja for such dirty ways of promoting. Now, Jhanak actress Dolly Sohi has reacted to the news. Dolly Sohi is a cervical cancer patient and speaking to Etimes, she slammed Poonam.

Dolly Sohi slams Poonam Pandey’s PR strategy

Dolly said that she is emotional and can cry at any time because of people like Poonam Pandey who make a joke out of a serious thing like cervical cancer. She also added that this is not the way of doing promotion, publicity, or awareness. She added that people who are going through cervical cancer were scared that Poonam who is just 32 passed away. Dolly Sohi said that she was shaken by the death news and was in disbelief how can a girl doing so well can die all of a sudden. She added, “I was scared and my inner strength had shaken up. My message for people like these is – please do whatever you want to do with your life. But this is a very sensitive topic.” She said this is not the way to do a campaign or to promote and one should not play with emotions especially of a cancer patient.

Watch a video of Poonam Pandey here

Dolly Sohi was diagnosed with cervical cancer in early 2023 and she recently quit the Hiba Nawab starrer Jhanak. Jhanak actress Dolly Sohi who is fighting cervical cancer has slammed Poonam Pandey for faking her death news. She said that this is not the way of promotion. 

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