Police Release Statement Amid Rumors Implicating IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon In Drug Scandal


Incheon Police released a statement regarding reports that IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon has been implicated in the celebrity drug scandal.

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On October 26, Incheon Police released a statement. In the statement, the police department writes that reports stating that the IZ*ONE member is being investigated were false.

We are informing you from the Incheon Police Drug Investigation Department.

Gyeonggi I-News 24 reported that [redacted] from IZ*ONE is currently being investigated by us. We are informing you that the reports are false. She has never been investigated by us.

— Incheon Police

The news follows a viral post uploaded on the controversial online community DC Inside. According to the post, which as since been debunked, actress Kang Hyewon, who debuted with IZ*ONE had been implicated in G-Dragon’s drug scandal.

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The controversial online community is also allegedly behind rumors stating a girl group member was being investigated. The rumors have since been debunked by the police.

Alleged Culprit Behind “Girl Group” Drug Scandal Rumors Exposed

 “We are informing you from the Incheon Police Drug Investigation Department…” 

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