Pledis Entertainment’s Two Rookie K-Pop Idols Whose Visuals Have Netizens Talking


Pledis Entertainment‘s new boy group, TWS, debuted only a week ago, but they’re already getting a lot of attention from K-Pop fans. People were excited to see the label debut their first boy group since SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015, and there were a lot of high expectations for the six members of the rookie group!

TWS | Pledis Entertainment

It’s still too early to know a lot about each of the members, but their talents and visuals have definitely caught fans’ attention already. In particular, two of the members — Shinyu and Dohoon — have recently been discussed on an online forum because of their stellar visuals, both individually and as a pair.

Shinyu (TWS) Dohoon (TWS)

Shinyu is the oldest member of TWS, born on November 7, 2003 (making him 20 years old). He’s also the leader of the group, and along with Dohoon, allegedly one of the tallest with his reported height being 182cm (5’11.5″).

Shinyu (TWS)

He has a sharp, fox-like beauty to him that appeals to a lot of K-Pop fans, so it’s not a surprise that he’s already getting so much positive attention for his visuals! He even considers his smile his charming point, which is adorable.

Meanwhile, Dohoon is the second-oldest member of TWS, born on January 30, 2005 (making him just-turned 19). He’s also apparently a whopping 182cm (5’11.5″) tall, with a similar lanky, well-proportioned figure like Shinyu.

Dohoon (TWS)

He’s said before that he thinks he looks like a sloth, but if he does, it has to be the cutest sloth ever!

When you put both of them together, the handsomeness that each of them has individually is only magnified!

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Some people are comparing their visuals to manhwa characters, which are known to closely resemble the typical Korean beauty standards.

Here’s what netizens have to say about these two handsome and talented rookie idols.

Who is your bias in TWS?


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