Pledis Entertainment’s New K-Pop Boy Group TWS Makes Impressive Leap On MelOn Charts With “Plot Twist”


Pledis Entertainment debuted their new K-Pop boy group, TWS, on January 22 with the title track “Plot Twist”. Energetic and refreshing, the song has been met with a lot of praise and positivity, especially among Korean netizens.

Being the first boy group that Pledis Entertainment has debuted since SEVENTEEN made their debut in 2015, TWS had a lot of pressure from K-Pop fans to impress and release great music. During a time when girl groups such as NewJeansIVE, and (G)I-DLE are still ruling the K-Pop industry, netizens have been anticipating a new boy group that’s more appealing to the general public.


And it seems that TWS could be that boy group that people have been waiting for! Their debut song “Plot Twist” has been performing quite well on Korean music charts, recently jumping a whopping 24 positions to rank at #64 on the MelOn Top 100 chart.

And as of midnight KST, they reached an even higher peak on the MelOn chart, as well as ranked high on charts such as Genie and FLO!

TWS ‘plot twist’ – 00AM KST:

#6 Bugs (=)
#35 Genie (+10) *new peak*
#38 FLO (+1) *new peak*
#40 MelOn (+3) *new peak*#TWS #투어스 #247WithUs #Sparkling_Blue

— TWS Charts (@Charts_TWS) January 31, 2024

Additionally, their debut album, Sparkling Blue, has surpassed 267,000 sales on Hanteo, which is impressive for a first album.

Sparkling Blue on Hanteo:

Week 1 – 260,881
Day 8 – 5,135
Day 9 – 927
Day 10 – 1,013

Total – 267,956#TWS #투어스 #247WithUs #Sparkling_Blue

— TWS Charts (@Charts_TWS) January 31, 2024

It will be unsurprising if they continue to leap higher on these and other music charts, considering that their reach seems to be growing by the day with the catchiness of “Plot Twist”.

| Pledis Entertainment

On a forum post discussing their success, here’s what netizens had to say about it!

Congratulations to TWS for these achievements!

 Congratulations to these talented rookies! 

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