PinkPantheress Includes Nod To Iconic 2nd Gen K-Pop Group On Debut Album


English singer-songwriter and producer PinkPantheress began writing music in high school, developing a passion for it as she continued to write in college, uploading her songs to SoundCloud before exploding in popularity after uploading them on the popular social site, TikTok.

As the talented singer gained new fans worldwide, she won the hearts of many K-Pop fans as a fellow fan herself.

PinkPantheress | @pinkpanteress/Instagram

Outspoken in her love for K-Pop, she’s openly shared with fans her ultimate bias, NCT’s Haechan, and her love for many of SM Entertainment‘s groups, including NCT, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and more.

She already became the ultimate successful K-Pop fan when she met NCT DREAM in April and TWICE in September…

PinkPantheress with NCT DREAM PinkPantheress with TWICE

… and through her talent, she also became the ultimate successful K-Pop fan when she featured on a remix of Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan‘s popular song “Rush” with Stray KidsHyunjin in August…

… and now she’s showing love through her own debut studio album.

PinkPantheress recently released her debut album on November 10, and the packaging, photo cards, and album bundles immediately caught netizens’ attention as it reminded them of K-Pop albums.

PinkPantheress’ “Heaven Knows” album packages | PinkPantheress

The album packaging wasn’t the only nod to K-Pop, as the talented singer asked fans through X (formerly known as Twitter) if they noticed the f(x) interpolation included in her new album.

did anyone spot the f(x) interpolation on my album??? my inspirations

— pinkpantheress (@pinkpantheress2) November 10, 2023

f(x) is an iconic second-generation from SM Entertainment, and fans were thrilled to discover that PinkPantheress had interpolated their song “Ice Cream” in her new track, “Another Life.”

Pinkpantheress the queen that you are for interpolating F(x)’s ‘Ice Cream’ in ‘Another Life’

— mehdi (@hyypnvs) November 9, 2023

Fans loved the inclusion of the interpolation and hilariously vowed to help earn PinkPantheress her first Daesang.


— ☥ (@Yuritones) November 10, 2023

Sister we are getting you that daesang

— ًً (@miffyhive) November 10, 2023

this why i love u

— sabrina ♡ (@pinkgyaru) November 10, 2023

Recently, PinkPantheress talked more about her love for K-Pop and confessed that she would cry herself to sleep because she couldn’t be a K-Pop idol.

Learn more about that in the article below:

PinkPantheress Confesses That She Cried Herself To Sleep Because She Couldn’t Be A K-Pop Idol

 Netizens react to the crossover. 

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