PinkPantheress Confesses That She Cried Herself To Sleep Because She Couldn’t Be A K-Pop Idol


Everyone knows that English singer-songwriter PinkPantheress is the ultimate K-Pop multi-fan!

Singer PinkPantheress mentioned #RedVelvet in a recent interview with i-D!

‘My favorite kpop groups are SHINee, f(x), Red Velvet, EXO, BTS.’

i-D Meets: PinkPantheress #KIMYERIM @RVsmtown

— yerimiese 예리 Philippines (@PHmiese) November 3, 2023

Yet, she also dreamed of being a K-Pop idol herself. Recently, PinkPantheress revealed in an interview with i-D that she loves K-Pop so much that she used to be upset because she couldn’t be a K-Pop idol.

I remember I would go to bed upset each day that I knew I couldn’t be a K-Pop star.

— PinkPantheress

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Although there are many groups with non-Korean idols, such as BLACKSWAN, VCHA, XG, and more, today, when PinkPantheress was growing up, she thought you had to be Korean to be a K-Pop idol. So, she would cry herself to sleep, believing she had no chance.

Because, I mean, at the time, I thought, you know, you had to be Korean to be a K-Pop star. I used to cry like myself to sleep.

— PinkPantheress

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PinkPantheress confessed that it wasn’t just that she wasn’t Korean holding her back from being a K-Pop idol. Although she’s a skilled singer, she admitted she’s not the best dancer!

Even though I can’t perform like that. I can’t dance at all. Like I just love watching it.

— PinkPantheress

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While PinkPantheress didn’t achieve her dream of becoming a K-Pop idol, she has at least become a viral superstar in her own right, who has now met some of her favorite idols, including NCT! Read more below.

PinkPantheress Is The Most Successful K-Pop Fan, Meeting Her Ult Bias

 She’s now living the dream, though! 

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