PENTAGON’s Hui Finally Tells His Side Of Infamous Fight With GOT7’s Mark Tuan


We’ve heard the story many times before but hear new information with each retelling. Previously, GOT7‘s Jinyoung and Jay B and even mediator/translator DAY6‘s Young K have shared the infamous story of Mark Tuan‘s fight with PENTAGON‘s Hui when they were trainees.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @GOT7/X PENTAGON’s Hui | CUBE Entertainment GOT7’s Jay B (left) and Jinyoung (right) DAY6’s Young K

Now, Hui has finally given his side of the story after many years. He recently guested on GOT7 member Youngjae‘s MBC FM4U radio show GOT7’s Youngjae’s Best Friend (also known as Close Friend).

Hui, a trainee at JYP Entertainment, explained that they were preparing for evaluations at the time. He was on a team with Jay B and former B.A.P member Youngjae. Understandably, the practice room was too crowded for two teams.

Hui: Is it my first time talking about it? I don’t know… but we were preparing for the evaluations. I was on the same team with people like Youngjae, Jaebeommie…

Youngjae: There were three of you?

Hui: I don’t remember clearly! But the underground practice room was too small for two teams to be in at the same time.

Youngjae: So it got crowded.

Formerly B.A.P’s Youngjae

Hui and Mark argued over who would use the practice space. Due to the language barrier, Young K, fluent in Korean and English, assisted and helped clear things up.

Hui talked about the argument he had with Mark during their trainee days. It was because they were preparing for the monthly evaluation and the company’s practice room was too small for two teams to practice at the same time. #GOT7YoungjaeBestFriend #Youngjae #영재 @ChoiArs_YJ

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Hui: Yeah, and it was because of the space that we… You know.

Youngjae:  Like what?

Hui: Like, we’d be practicing… And, well, how should I put this? It got competitive over who gets to use the space, kind of. It was super minor, but we got sensitive about… The smallest things, you know? It’s so small…

Youngjae: Please tell us in detail! What happened has already happened! It’s not like it’s something bad.

Hui: Well, that’s it. It was about the space! Eventually, we all got into a small fight and, uh…

Youngjae tried to gather more information regarding what really happened in the end. Yet, Hui emphasized that it was not as bad as it sounded and that everything worked out in the end.

Youngjae and Pentagon’s Hui#GOT7YoungjaeBestFriend #GOT7 #Youngjae #영재 @ChoiArs_YJ

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Youngjae: The more you “uhmmm”, the more I want to listen!

Hui: Now, everyone has debuted in different teams. So it sounds like members from different groups were all in this fight. But yeah, in the end, we worked it out and got our happy ending.

Youngjae: Oh, OK. So, in the end, you all figured out how to share the room?

Hui: Yeah, something like that…

Youngjae: When you say “something like that,” it gets me thinking, “Is there more to it…?”

Hui: Well, there could be a bit more… Maybe later, I can…

Youngjae: Gosh, this is driving me crazy!

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 He confirmed it had a happy ending. 

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