Park Min Young’s Agency Scrambles To Contain Controversy From Bombshell Report


Hook Entertainment responded to allegations about Park Min Young‘s alleged shady business deals.

Park Min Young | Money Today

On February 21, Biz Hankook reported that Park Min Young was listed on the board of internal directors for One Stone, a construction company.

The report went on further to reveal that One Stone previously had three different names and that, at its inception, the company was listed as a travel agency. The report then went on to reveal that the company was listed in the same building as a cellphone store known to belong to Kang Jong Hyun, the actress’s controversial ex-boyfriend.

“Marry My Husband” Park Min Young Reignites Controversy After New Ties To Ex-Boyfriend Are Exposed

The shocking revelation has reignited criticism aimed at Park Min Young, who just recently finished wrapping up her successful return with “Marry My Husband.”

Marry My Husband poster | tvN

Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment, responded when asked for comment about her business dealings, claiming that One Stone had nothing to do with Kang Jong Hyun. The company is reported to have told Biz Hankook that the cellphone store has left the building this year.

One Stone is a business run by Park Min Young’s family, we can’t reveal anything else about the business.

— Hook Entertainment

Stay tuned for updates.

 Park Min Young is facing renewed backlash from the report. 

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