“Parasite” Actor Lee Sun Kyun Confirmed To Be “Top Star L” In Drug Abuse Case — His Agency Releases Statement


Recently, Korean news reported about a top star with the initial “L” being accused of drug abuse. Netizens were quick to guess the identity of the actor, with clues pointing to Lee Sun Kyun. Netizens matched the reported details such as his age (in his 40s) and marital status with the keyword “Vongole” in reference to his hit drama Pasta.

A representative at the Incheon Police Station stated that “it was true that Lee Sun Kyun did marijuana, and paid a huge amount of money to his drug dealer. Although we need to investigate, we suspect that the reason for the extortion from his dealer was because of his fame.

In response, his agency has also made a statement.

We are currently checking on the accurate facts about the suspicions raised towards Lee Sun Kyun. We plan to diligently and truthfully comply with the inspectors and investigations that will be carried out in the future.

— Hodu Entertainment

It was also reported by the Incheon Police that 3rd generation chaebols, celebrity hopefuls, and others were involved in the drug abuse case.

Lee Sun Kyun is a top actor that has starred in many hit shows such as Parasite and My Mister.


 Chaebols were involved in the case too. 

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