Only 6 K-Pop Songs Have Achieved Perfect All-Kills In 2023


The title of a “Perfect All-Kill” (PAK) is given to a K-Pop song when it reaches #1 simultaneously on all major music platforms, including MelOnGenieFLO, and more.

Example of a “Perfect All-Kill” | Instiz

It’s a notoriously difficult task to achieve, and only a little over 80 K-Pop songs have accomplished it since the term was coined in 2010 when IU‘s song “Nagging” (featuring Seulong) met the criteria.

So far in 2023, only six songs have reached the perfect all-kill status, and half of them belong to just one group alone!

The first song to earn the title this year was IVE‘s “Kitsch”, which it achieved in April.

Later that same month, IVE became the first K-Pop group to have two different songs achieve perfect all-kill status within the same month after “I Am” also earned the title!

In June, (G)I-DLE joined the short list of artists with PAKs in 2023 when “Queencard” also earned the title, which was also the group’s third consecutive song to get a PAK after “Nxde” and “TOMBOY”.

Rookie girl group NewJeans earned their second PAK with “Super Shy” back in July, after they achieved their first one with “Ditto” in late 2022.

Sibling duo AKMU (or Akdong Musician) showed that they’re still a force to be reckoned with when their song “Love Lee” reached PAK status in September.

Finally, and most recently, IVE once again earned yet another PAK with their latest title track, “Baddie”, less than a day ago!

This makes IVE the only K-Pop group to have three songs reach PAK status within the same year. Only soloist IU has reached the same achievement, and she also currently has the most songs to earn a PAK with 21 under her belt.

2023.11.07 13:30 (KST)
iChart 퍼펙트 올킬(Perfect All Kill)을 축하합니다! (9개 차트 올킬 iChart 주간/실시간 1위)
IVE (아이브) – Baddie (Once)

— iChart (@instiz_ichart) November 7, 2023

Congratulations to all of these artists for reaching the challenging and highly coveted perfect all-kill status this year!

 IVE has accomplished something no other group has! 

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