On Sushmita Sen’s Wish List: “A Mature Love Story, An Action Film”

Actor Sushmita Sen on Thursday said she is happy with the way her second innings in the industry is turning out to be with the hit series Aarya. She now wants to explore a mature love story and a negative role. The actor, who made a comeback to mainstream acting after a decade with the Disney Hotstar series,said she felt like a newcomer when she started the project, whose third season will start streaming from November 3.

“The moment my second innings started in 2020, I became a newcomer. I’ve a long list of things that I want to do, like I want to do a mature love story, a kicka** action film, which no one has done, and play the most dangerous antagonist you have ever seen, a villain. I’ve a long list (of roles). This is just the beginning,” Sen told reporters here at the trailer launch of Aarya season three.

Referring to her recent series Taali, the actor said, “This year, I got to do two wonderful projects, and I’m very grateful for that. I hope this continues and allows me to do more work like that.” When asked whether filmmakers took time to explore her potential as an actor, Sen, 47, said she feels blessed that the industry and the audience welcomed her with open arms. “Whether the industry gave me the opportunity or not or whether they saw that potential in me as an actor or not all these years is a small thing. My biggest blessing in my life is that in 2024, it will be 30 years in this industry. At the age of 18, I was on a stage where I met so many people. And in these 30 years, whatever I’ve done, my people have always supported me.

“When I took a break for eight years at the peak of my career, the industry welcomed me with so much love when I made a comeback… Till the time the audience wants to see me working as an actor, no one can do anything about it.” Sen is thrilled about the third season of Aarya, created by filmmaker Ram Madhvani. The International Emmy-nominated show is an official adaption of the hit Dutch series “Penoza” and follows the journey of Aarya, played by Sen, a woman who finds herself in the world of crime after her husband Tej Sareen (Chadrachud Singh) is gunned down.

Sen said the new season of Aarya will present her in a fierce avatar.

“The thing about Aarya is that she has gone through so much from season one to season two. Now, (in season three) she has been trying to grow up, to save things, she has nothing to lose. It is the most dangerous situation as a woman when she has nothing more to lose or save.

“I don’t want to give out much but last time people had a complaint that why is Aarya not being a don. This is that season when you have a woman who is not apologetic about the seat she sits on.” Aarya 3″will also see actors Sikander Kher, Vikas Kumar, and Maya Sarao among others reprising their roles from previous seasons. Actor-singer Ila Arun is the new addition to the show.

“I love working with the team of Aarya. I’m thankful to be part of this show. Till the time Aarya is there, Daulat will be there too. At times I feel bad for him. But he has a connection with her and he doesn’t know why he loves her. Aarya may retire but Daulat will never retire,” Kher said, describing his character.

 “This is that season when you have a woman who is not apologetic about the seat she sits on,” Sushmita Sen said     

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