Old 2006 Blog Posts By Rapper Jessi Prove Just How Close She Was With Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany


Rapper Jessi recently revealed on her interview show that she had almost been a part of Girls’ Generation. She had passed auditions for the big company and was almost put into the debut group. Tiffany immediately backed up this claim, revealing that their friendship went deep.

Jessi Reveals She Could Have Debuted In Girls’ Generation

Before the Jessi that everyone knows of today…

Jessi in 2024.

…there was the adorably soft rapper Jessica Ho.

Jessi in her Jessica Ho days.

As news of her SM Entertainment trainee days spread, an online source dropped some screenshots of Jessi’s old blog comments.

The first was directed at “Stepho,” which is known to be Tiffany’s nickname. Her birth name is Stephanie. She gushed about how much she missed Tiffany, even addressing Tiffany’s debut group, Girls’ Generation. This was likely after Jessi had left the company while Tiffany was in the midst of preparation for her debut.

| @asianjunkie/Twitter

She also commented on Stella Kim’s blog. Stella is known to be one of the girls in the debut lineup for Girls’ Generation. She was pulled out of the group eventually due to family opposition and health issues. Stella went on to study in New York. Jessi seemed to take issue against Stella wanting to meet BoA. “Girls On Top” is one of BoA’s most famous songs.

| @asianjunkie/Twitter

It seems like the girls’ friendship goes all the way back to their trainee days. There were few trainees that came from outside of Korea, something that must’ve bonded the girls. Both Jessi and Tiffany also attended Korea Kent Foreign School, making them grow even closer!

 Their friendship runs deep. 

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