OG Viral “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Tearfully Reveals She Has No Friends After Massive Scandal


Freezia (also known as Song Ji A) was in tears during a recent appearance.

Freezia | @dear.zia/Instagram

On February 5, Freezia will be a guest on MBC‘s Run Away (translated title from 동망쳐).

During the episode, the massively famous influencer revealed she had no friends. The influencer’s mother also appeared in the show and confirmed that she was worried for her daughter.

I am worried about my daughter, who has no friends. Please help her run away from her cave.

— Freezia’s mother

Freezia reportedly reveals in the episode that she has no friends and only speaks with her mother, calling her dozens of times a day. The influencer is said to text her mother until 1 AM and suffers from anxiety when she isn’t able to get in touch with her mother. According to reports, the influencer also shared her contact list, which revealed that Freezia spoke with her mother most often.

Meanwhile, Freezia became a household name after her appearance in the first season of Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno. Soon after, the influencer was mired in controversy when it was revealed that she work fake designer fashion. Watch the trailer for the influencer’s upcoming appearance in the link below.

 The influencer shared that she only talks to her mother. 

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