Nugu Groups’ Albums Originally Gifted To Senior Groups Sold Online


Previously, it was reported that MIRAE‘s Jang Yubin listed a fan-given gift as a used item on a secondhand marketplace app. He has since apologized to the fan in question.

 Jang Yubin | @official_MIRAE/Twitter

When the story went viral on X (formerly Twitter), a netizen revealed that MIRAE isn’t the only DSP Media group that has allegedly listed items for sale on a secondhand marketplace app. They had seen listings of autographed “nugu” albums gifted to senior groups.

maybe it’s just a dsp thing like you guys would be surprised by the amount of random nugu album gifted to kard and april ended up on ebay

— (@chaeyebin) February 1, 2024

“Nugu” groups are groups that have very little publicity, lack mainstream popularity, or are lesser known in the K-Pop industry. “Nugu” means “who” in Korean, as in “Who is that?” which is where the term “nugu groups” comes from to use for groups that are unknown among the general public and even among K-Pop fans.

The fan discovered listings for LOOΠΔ ODD EYE CIRCLE‘s debut EP, SHA SHA‘s first single album, and DreamNote‘s first single album signed to DSP Media girl group April, DSP Media co-ed group KARD, and April, respectively. They were sold via eBay.

| @chaeyebin/X@chaeyebin/X@chaeyebin/X

Sometimes, items are sold by the artist’s company without their consent. A group’s award was also found at a secondhand shop, angering fans. Read more below.

Fans Furious After Popular 3rd-Gen K-Pop Group’s First “MAMA Awards” Trophy Is Found At Second-Hand Store

 A fan found autographed copies on eBay. 

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