Not GP Friendly? K-Pop Fans Discuss The “Low” Digital Ranking Of (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady”


Netizens have had quite mixed reactions to (G)I-DLE‘s latest title track, “Super Lady” off of their 2 album that was released on January 29. Some found the anthem to be powerful and inspiring, while others weren’t as impressed.

Considering that the group’s recent releases such as “TOMBOY”, “Nxde”, and “Queencard” were smash hits on Korea’s music charts, many expected their latest comeback to do just as well. However, it seems like, at least at this time, that isn’t quite the case.

(G)I-DLE | Cube Entertainment

On an online forum post, netizens discussed the performance of “Super Lady” on the MelOn daily chart, where it seems to have peaked at #30 before starting to fall in the rankings. On the hourly chart, the highest the song reached was #21 briefly on January 30 around 9AM KST.

For a lot of artists, this would be an accomplishment, and it’s certainly not something for (G)I-DLE to be criticized about! But some netizens can’t help but compare it to the success of their last couple of comebacks, as well as to their “less successful” songs released in 2019 and 2020.

| Cube Entertainment

The author of the forum post shares the daily chart rankings for two of the group’s “worst-performing” songs on the MelOn chart, which are “Senorita” (released in 2019)…

“Senorita” ranking on MelOn Daily Chart | The Qoo

And “Oh My God”, released in 2020.

“Oh My God” ranking on MelOn Daily Chart | The Qoo

“Senorita” and “Oh My God” peaked at #26 and #17 respectively, which are both higher than “Super Lady”‘s highest peak on the chart. However, it is still very recent since the song was first released, so it’s entirely possible that “Super Lady” could make a comeback on the MelOn chart and end up being a hit!

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) | Cube Entertainment

Here’s what commenters have to say in response to the forum post discussing these charting comparisons.

We’ll have to wait and see if “Super Lady” ends up taking off on the charts in the coming days and weeks!


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