“Not An Idol Anymore?” AleXa Gets Emotional Over Lack Of Promotions


In a recent live broadcast, soloist AleXa opened up about her lack of promotions.

AleXa | ZB Label

AleXa made her comeback on Friday with the single “sick.” It’s a much different concept and song than what fans might have come to expect from her.

Yet, in a live broadcast leading up to its release, AleXa opened up after receiving questions regarding her career. Some had asked her if she was no longer a K-Pop idol.

I see the comments. Am I not an idol anymore? I am. I promise I am.

— AleXa

[Video could not be displayed]| @muhib_gh/X

AleXa explained that this misconception has come as a result of her lack of promotions. Although it’s been two years since she was properly promoted, she doesn’t know why. She hopes that she will promote either this year or next.

I just, I haven’t promoted in like two years. I don’t know why. I can’t tell you why. I don’t know. But I’m hoping that this year I promote. If not this year, then next year, so we’ll see.

— AleXa

[Video could not be displayed]| @muhib_gh/X

Currently, AleXa’s team is working on an English album, which “sick” is part of. Although it’s not K-Pop, she hopes the fans will still support it, saying it’s all she has right now.

But right now, we’re working on an English album release, and the first single is coming out Friday, so I hope that though the aspect of K-Pop is not present that you still support me and my artistry moving forward with this American album. Yeah, ’cause it’s kind of all I got right now…

— AleXa

[Video could not be displayed]| @muhib_gh/X [Video could not be displayed]| @muhib_gh/X

The video has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter) with 452K views at the time of writing. Fans are outraged at her company, ZB Label, for not promoting her. Some hadn’t known until this clip went viral that she was having a comeback.

What was the point of all her hard work and moving to Korea if all they’re going to do is continue to make her record English songs? If she’s based in Korea, they need to start promoting her there

— Cayla (@kaibutsu_bachi) February 22, 2024

Bcus her c0nt ass label won’t promote her cus they got greedy

— Muhib (@muhib_gh) February 23, 2024

Now that “sick” has been released, it hasn’t received the response AleXa hoped for. Read more below.

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 Fans are outraged. 

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